Venture Capital Investment Standard

At CV Pad, we integrate the rigor of traditional venture capital investment standards with the dynamic pace of the Web3 space. Our investment process follows VC standards and is crafted to identify and support high-potential cryptocurrency projects.

Below, we outline our comprehensive approach to investing.

Business & Tokenomics

Our investment evaluation begins with a thorough analysis of the business model and tokenomics. We assess the underlying business model, tokenomics, and community metrics.

This stage is crucial for understanding how the project can deliver long-term value to investors.

Key Focus:

Analyze the scalability of the business model and the utility of the tokens within their ecosystem.


Ensure that the project has a solid foundation for immediate success and sustainable growth.


The potential for widespread adoption is critical in assessing a project's viability. We evaluate the market demand for the product and the likelihood of its broad adoption by users.

Key Metrics:

User engagement levels, market size, competitive positioning, and adoption barriers.

Technical Analysis

Our technical analysis investigates the technology behind the project. We assess the innovation of the blockchain architecture, the security of the protocols, and the scalability of the solutions.

Assessment Areas:

Code quality, architectural robustness, and the capability of handling market fluctuations and security threats.


Valuation is a critical step in our investment process. We employ a rigorous approach to determine the fair value of a project, considering the current market conditions and the future potential.


A hybrid approach combining quantitative metrics and qualitative assessments, focusing on market trends, project milestones, and financial health.

Investment Decision Flow

Our investment decision process is transparent and structured. Each potential investment undergoes a diligent review and approval process involving multiple stages of assessment:

  1. Initial Screening: Quick assessment to check basic compliance with our investment criteria.

  2. In-depth Review: Detailed evaluation using the aforementioned principles.

  3. Investment Committee Review: Our committee reviews all findings and makes the final investment decision.

Continuous Monitoring and Support

Post-investment, we continue to monitor the projects closely. Our support extends beyond capital investment; we provide strategic advice, market access, and operational support to ensure our investments reach their full potential.

Monitoring Tools

Real-time tracking of key performance indicators and market metrics. Support System

Regular check-ins, strategy sessions, and resource allocation as needed.

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