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Find most of the commonly asked CV Pad-related questions asked by the CV Pad community.

Welcome to CV Pad!

CV Pad is a Launchpad+, designed to shepherd projects through their Token Generation Event (TGE) with a comprehensive suite of services. From tokenomics support to distribution and marketing, our global network of partnerships, including CV VC, CV Labs and DuckDAO leverages vast experience in web3 and traditional venture capital. This collaboration not only supports innovative projects but also ensures that our launchpad participants receive access to vetted, curated early stage investment opportunities.

Questions and Answers:

Who created CV Pad?

CV Pad was created by a collective comprising CV VC, CV Labs and DuckDao. This collaboration harnesses a wealth of experience in web3 and traditional venture capital to support and launch promising early stage projects.

What is CV Pad?

CV Pad is a premiere Launchpad+ with a superb network from which curate the most interesting projects in the Web3 space.

For whom is CV Pad designed?

Designed for cryptocurrency enthusiasts eager to engage in both private and public sales of innovative crypto projects.

What types of investment opportunities does CV Pad offer?

We offer access to both private and public sales, enabling investors to participate in a range of investment strategies tailored to different market dynamics.

How can I become a CV Pad Investor?

To become an investor, you need to stake the CVPAD token on our platform. This staking mechanism ensures access to all current and future early-stage Web3 offerings on the Launchpad+.

How do CV Pad tiers work?

Our tier system is designed to provide varied levels of access depending on the amount of CVPAD tokens staked:

  • Level 1: ~5,000 CVPAD tokens

  • Level 2: ~50,000 CVPAD tokens

  • Level 3: ~500,000 CVPAD tokens

  • Level 4: ~2,500,000 CVPAD tokens

What are the risks involved with cryptocurrency investments?

We do not provide investment advice and none of the materials on our website nor any of our correspondence with you must be interpreted as investment advice. Cryptocurrency investments are high-risk and should be approached with caution due to the potential for substantial losses

How can I track my contributions through CV Pad?

Investors can monitor their portfolios through a dedicated dashboard on our platform, providing real-time updates on asset performance.

Are there any fees associated with investing on CV Pad?

Yes, we charge a percentage fee when you invest in an early-stage project on CV Pad. Our fees are competitive and are used to ensure the continuous operation of our platform.

Can I withdraw my investment at any time?

Once investments are made, they can be divested only through the OTC market provided by Presail. Market conditions will dictate the availability and price of sellers & buyers.

How often will I receive updates about my investments?

You will receive notifications in the Presail app whenever there is a token distribution for a project you have invested in.

Who can I contact for more detailed inquiries?

For more comprehensive questions, please contact us through a support ticket on our Discord Support Channel.

Does CV Pad require KYC information before I become an investor?

Full KYC information must be submitted and verified before you can invest on our platform.

What are the citizenship limitations for participating in CV Pad?

Investors from the United States and Canada (specifically Ontario) must be accredited to participate in CV Pad investments. Citizens from all other countries are welcome to stake, complete KYC, and participate, except for individuals from "Restricted Jurisdictions".

Restricted Jurisdictions include the United Kingdom, the People's Republic of China, and any country or region under country-wide sanctions by the United Nations. This list comprises but is not limited to the Democratic People's Republic of Korea (North Korea), Democratic Republic of the Congo, Iran, Libya, Somalia, South Sudan, Sudan, and Yemen. CV Pad reserves the right to modify the list of Restricted Jurisdictions and apply changes at any time without prior notification.

How is my data being protected?

We employ various security measures and adhere to data protection policies, ensuring the integrity and confidentiality of your personal and financial information.

Is there a referral program for investors?

Currently, there is no official referral program. Please be cautious of unofficial claims and promotions.

What partnerships does CV Pad have?

Our extensive network includes partnerships with Layer Zero, Solana, Hacken, GSR, Chainlink, and many others, highlighted on our homepage.

How are profits distributed to investors?

Investors, in exchange for their contributions in early-stage venture opportunities receive tokens proportional to each investor's participation in specific deals, and sent directly to the KYC cryptocurrency wallets of the user.

What differentiates CV Pad from other launchpad platforms?

Our unique combination of global partnerships, in-depth project vetting, and a focus on both small and large investor inclusivity sets us apart in the launchpad landscape.+

What do I do if I can't see my question here?

Create a support ticket on our Discord and we will help you immediately.

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