Q3 2023

  • Ideation and Team Building: We are assembling a team of visionary thinkers and blockchain experts. The goal is to cultivate a group that embodies the platform's pioneering spirit and is capable of driving the venture from concept to reality.

  • Research and Business Case: Solidify a compelling business case that aligns with the strategic vision and addresses the unique needs of blockchain startups and investors within the ecosystem.

  • Company Foundation and License Application: A critical step is formalizing the business structure of CV Pad and pursuing the necessary licenses. This legal groundwork is essential for ensuring regulatory compliance and establishing trust with partners, investors, and future users.

  • Strategic Planning: Laying the strategic framework for CV Pad, the team will outline the platform's development and operation roadmap. This blueprint will guide the subsequent phases, including technology deployment, partnership formation, and market entry strategy.

Q1 2024

  • Private Sale A+B: This is a crucial step for raising initial funds and engaging early investors and KOLs in the project.

  • Launchpad Development: Refining the platform’s technology, user interface, and integrations to ensure it meets the needs of both project founders and investors.

  • Partner Onboarding: Given the emphasis on ecosystem integration, this step involves formalizing relationships with strategic partners within the blockchain and Web3 sectors to enhance the launchpad’s offerings and reach.

  • Dealflow Building: Building a pipeline of high-quality projects involves scouting, vetting, and engaging with potential projects that could launch on CV Pad in the future.

Q2 2024

  • Launchpad Operations: The operational launch of the CV Pad platform marks the transition from development and preparation into active operation, where projects can start launching and investors can begin participating in offerings.

  • Continued Partner Onboarding: Expanding the network of partners will be critical for enhancing the platform’s capabilities and offerings.

  • TGE (Token Generation Event) and Go-to-Market: A significant milestone, the TGE, is planned for Q2. This event will officially introduce the $CVPAD token into the market, setting the stage for its circulation and utility within the ecosystem. Alongside the TGE, CV Pad will implement its go-to-market strategy, focusing on marketing, community engagement, and outreach to drive adoption and participation on the platform.

Q3 2024 & Beyond

  • Tracks Programs Unveiling: Launching Tracks Programs, which are a series of tailored pathways designed to support different types of blockchain startups. These programs aim to provide bespoke support and resources that align with the specific growth trajectories of various sectors within the blockchain ecosystem.

  • CV Labs Acceleration Program Integration: CV Pad aims to integrate the CV Labs acceleration program, offering startups the tools, mentorship, and resources necessary to expedite their growth. This integration represents a commitment to fund and accelerates the development of innovative projects within the Web3 space.

  • Platform Innovation and Upgrades: In response to industry developments and user feedback, CV Pad will continue to innovate and upgrade its platform to incorporate cutting-edge technologies and features that enhance user experience and project success rates.

  • Global Community Building: CV Pad will focus on expanding its global footprint by building a worldwide community of investors and innovators. This effort will include engaging with blockchain communities across different regions and hosting international events to foster networking and collaboration.

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