CV Pad Startup Perks

Cryptocurrency startups face distinct challenges. CV Pad's accelerator program connects these businesses with essential resources and a network of industry leaders. Each partner in this network provides specific benefits that help startups from security enhancements to marketing support. This network is key to helping startups navigate and succeed in the competitive blockchain market.

Hacken - Enhancing Security and Collaboration

Hacken is a leading cybersecurity provider specializing in blockchain and crypto-related businesses. They offer services designed to protect digital assets and enhance network security.

Consensys - Enhancing Technical Capabilities

Consensys is a blockchain technology company known for developing decentralized applications and various developer tools, focusing on Ethereum technology. Their collaboration with CV Pad offers startups cutting-edge blockchain workshops and marketing synergies.

Cuatrecasas is renowned for its expertise in legal advisory, especially tailored to the complex needs of startups navigating the regulatory landscapes of technology and blockchain.

DexTools - Enhancing Visibility and Educational Support for Startups

DexTools is pivotal in providing analytics and marketing support to blockchain startups, helping them gain visibility and understand market dynamics effectively.

Google Cloud - Empowering Startups with Scalable Cloud Solutions

Google Cloud offers an extensive suite of cloud services that provide the necessary infrastructure for startups to scale rapidly, focusing on cost-efficiency and reliable performance.

GSR - Investment and Financial Services for Startups

GSR is a global leader in digital asset trading and investment solutions, providing financial services tailored to the needs of the crypto market.

Trust Swap - Offering Staking, Vesting, Multisending Solutions & Marketing

Trust Swap provides innovative financial solutions for the crypto space, focusing on secure and efficient transactions and marketing support.

AWS - Empowering Startups with Scalable Cloud Solutions

AWS provides startups with robust cloud services, offering essential resources to scale operations efficiently.

Panony Contribution and Benefits

Panony offers comprehensive support to CV Pad projects, including media services, accelerator program support, and strategic partnerships.

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