Target Users

The target users of CV Pad can be categorized into two main groups:

  1. Founders of Early-Stage Web3 Projects: CV Pad caters to the needs of founders by providing them with a comprehensive range of resources to enable high growth. This includes ecosystem integration, acceleration, incubation, access to preferred partner networks (such as audit and legal services), and extensive operational support. Founders looking for a platform that goes beyond funding to offer deep integration with a robust Web3 ecosystem are the primary beneficiaries.

  2. Investors (Institutional and Retail): The platform is designed to democratize access to early-stage Web3 venture capital investments, making it an attractive proposition for many investors. This includes those looking for high-quality, vetted investment opportunities in the Web3 space, ranging from institutional investors to accredited individuals and retail investors interested in the blockchain and cryptocurrency markets. Investors are promised curated investment opportunities ensuring VC standard quality, fully legal and regulatory compliant operations, and access to a global community of well-connected investors.

By addressing these target user groups' needs and pain points, CV Pad aims to bridge the gap between early-stage Web3 projects seeking support and growth and investors looking for quality, vetted opportunities in the emerging blockchain ecosystem.

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